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Client Testimonials

Even after a year, every time we walk into the home you designed, built and decorated for us, we are still in awe. Our family is very fortunate to have worked with both of you as well as your unbelievable team of skilled workers.

The time you spent with us going over every detail meant a lot to us. Most of the time, you could have e probably made the choices without us, but you still made sure we were in on all of the decisions. Most memorable to us was the cabinet experience. How you k now so much about this is remarkable. Bruce and I were pretty much sleeping through this process and you and Nancy took it upon yourselves to make sure every detail was perfect! Another time when Bruce stopped by as you were finishing up the merchandising of the house for the Parade of Homes, he called me and said, “Christine, you have to come and see this. Nancy did an amazing job of pulling everything together!” I immediately came to the house and could not believe my eyes. We both just stood there and marveled at how incredible our home turned out. Once again, you went above and beyond our expectations. There are so m any more times your experience and knowledge were so helpful for us. You are truly gifted at designing and building homes!

We continue to get comments from our friends and family about the level of the detail and quality of craftsmanship that we have in our home, Your team, including Jeremy, Brian, Jana, Scott and Ron were always extremely courteous, friendly and the best in their fields. Every one of the contractors took pride in their work and obviously respected you…especially working with all of your “change orders.” Ha ha!

As we have told you many times we put our total trust in you and Nancy and you delivered big time! Christine was comfortable leaving everything up to you and doing g a “turn-key” deal and she was confident she would be “wowed!” Well, we were more that wowed. We never dreamed of living in such a stunning home.

We are truly blessed to be able to share our home with our family and friends and sincerely enjoyed working with you and your team. Thank you again and we look forward to a long and lasting friendship with both of you.

Sincerely, Bruce & Christine


A moment needs to be taken to express our gratitude for a job well done on the creation and construction of our dream home! From the first meeting to the last; our experience with MA Design Group staff, including each and every subcontractor, has been amazing.

First and foremost, Tony‘s design abilities need to be recognized. In our process, we would bring a simple idea to the design table and with a few moments of thought and some sketching paper, our vision was drawn out for us. Going further, Tony’s ability to follow that path and elaborate on a basic concept gave us the opportunity to create a truly unique and one of a kind design. Our home is testament to his vision and ability to carry an idea from concept to reality. This unique approach to design allowed us to dream big and be open to new ideas. Your encouragement to mentally “live in” our home during this design process helped us to correct ideas and features to better suit our needs.

The construction process was an exciting time for us as we got to watch our dreams being built! Your staff was wonderful in staying in constant and open communication. Our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. Happily, we felt very much a part of each portion of the building process. Every trade’s subcontractors were wonderful people who truly cared about what we wanted and the end result. All were open to sharing with us their part in our new homes completion. The quality of the materials used to construct our home surpassed our expectations consistently and without question. The end result: our dream home standing before our very eyes. Our family is peacefully and safely at home….thanks to you.

Thank you Tony, Jeremy and the entire Mark Anthony Staff!

It is without hesitation that we recommend your services to anyone looking to create and live their dream.

Dan, Tiffany, Titus, Lawsen and Braxten


The pictures are amazing, and how do we ever thank you, for the amazing job you did in creating this “masterpiece” of a home. Working with you these past 6 years has been such a delight, and such a journey, reaching the destination of our dream home. You so painstakingly took the time to “know who we are” and reached into our thoughts of what we were trying to create, for our family. You watched our family grow during the process, and became part of our lives, not something ordinarily done by your “average” architect. When we met you, there were no grandchildren, only the knowledge that there would be, and what we were trying to create, for our future with them. Amazingly, you have been in the picture for all 6 of those grandkids births, and watched the transformation of our family. Our children know you, and love you, and are so grateful for what you have helped us create for their kids We always worked as a unit, and you were always amazingly in tuned to ideas we had, but not necessarily able to express in words. The next thing we knew, they were incorporated into the house. The excitement that we all felt, when creating another new detail was exhilarating, and the one word EVERYONE uses upon entering this home is, “the detail is amazing”.

Nancy, working with you has been a gift!!! Your eye for detail is AMAZING, you brought so much to this project. There are so many things I could never have done without your guidance and creativity. The details that can so often be neglected, simply because, having never built a home before, the client doesn’t even realize is an option. You brought so much of that to the table.

Watching you and Tony work together was the best!! You both had your ideas of how it should work,ie: remember the dining room table that could only be 42″ wide? It was always such a creative environment, and the creative banter between the two of you was inspiring.

We have the most beautiful home you have ever created, Tony!! And the development of our friendship along the way is just icing on the cake. The process has been the most amazing journey of our lives, second to raising our kids (which was alot more difficult-only kidding kids!) We thank you for our beautiful home, you sould be so proud, and for the friendship developed in the process, we are truly thankful.

Our undying gratitude to MA Design Group…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Peter and Claudia